Thursday, October 2, 2014

design plan

For my essay I will be using pictures to show the different areas of traveling when flying. Since the location  I have access to is a non functional terminal, I will make the pictures a little blurry to get the point across that this is normally a hectic and confusing area when trying to get through. I have to be careful when posting this to my blog not to include any of the tail  numbers of the planes. Once I have all the pictures I can get, I want to decide where I will start. I think I will go through the whole process of going on a commercial flight and end with only a couple pictures of the private planes to show the easiness of flying on a private jet. I will caption the photos to help get my point across so the reader knows what is going on in each picture, or what I intended each picture for.

pic essay

Thursday, September 4, 2014

what matters

what matters to me is paying off student loans. i would like to start a company on the side to help bring in more money, other than the money i will be making as a mechanic. i would like to use my mechanical skills in doing this. i also love being on a farm so i already have been thinking of a way to incorporate both farm and mechanics together for my business, but i need further knowledge in fertilizers to make my business possible.